Dear Customers:

As we reopen our doors and welcome you back to our dining room, we want to let you know that we are being responsible and we are taking preventive steps to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff.

Prior to returning our team to work, our staff was required to successfully complete a series of training videos provided by the National Restaurant Association.  The classes included:

-ServSafe Delivery: COVID-19 Precautions

-ServSafe Re-Opening Guidance: COVID-19 Precautions

-ServSafe Takeout: COVID-19 Precautions

-ServSafe Food Handler Course and Assessment

At the beginning of each shift, our staff will go through a brief screening to ensure that they are healthy.  We are requiring everyone to wear a face mask and gloves during their shift.  We want to make sure they keep you safe, and they stay safe.

In addition to following social distancing and hygiene rules, we have made some physical changes to our dining room.  We are currently not seating any guests at our bar area, to ensure that we have plenty of room for those customers coming in to pick up their carryout meals.   In addition, we have removed a number of tables from our dining room to allow for social distancing between tables.  

We have also decluttered our tables to make sure we keep the surface as clean as possible and make it easier to disinfect after each use.   For the time being, you will be getting disposable paper menus when you join us for dinner.  They are not the prettiest, but definitely safer since we will be throwing them out after each use.   We will be providing QR codes for you to scan with your mobile device to access our menu, or you could simply view it from our website.  We will also provide QR codes for you to complete your payment after your meal, or you can use Apple Pay or Android.

When it comes to our restrooms, we are in the process of installing hands-free pulls for you to use on the way out.  We also have one person dedicated to disinfecting bathrooms and high touch point areas continuously during business hours.

As we open our dining room doors, we will also continue to provide carry out and delivery as an option for you.   Our family meal kits have been very well received by our customers, and we have decided to continue to offer them as a carryout option.

As you can see, we have taken a number of precautions to ensure your safety.  We kindly ask that if you decide to join us for dinner, please wear a mask until your dinner is served.  If you feel sick, it’s better if you stay at home, and we will be more than happy to do contactless delivery to your home.  


We truly appreciate the trust and confidence that you place in our team, Antigua Restaurant, Antigua Catering & Events, and Lola’s Empanadas. 

Thank you for your support!



Citlali Mendieta-Ramos

And Chef Nicolas Ramos

-Proud owners of Antigua